Our Practice

Our Mission:

To the patient – Our mission at Knox Physical Therapy is to provide skilled, hands-on, one-on-one care to optimize your movement and participation in the things you love to do. We provide services on a fee-for-service, combined INS and cash-based system to eliminate the barriers caused by insurance companies in order to get you the quickest results.

The way we see it – we will be with you for 6-8 hours (give or take for most cases) to educate you, make corrections to the structures of your body, and give you the tools that allow your body to heal. Health and wellness is a life-long commitment. Our mission is to empower YOU to achieve your best and reach your greatest potential in whatever you do.​

To the employees – We strive to incorporate compassion, altruism, professionalism, motivation, and excellence into our core values. It’s our goal to have highly motivated physical therapists who would report at any time a feeling of belongingness, successfulness, fairness, freedom, and empowerment.