Kevin M.

December 12th, 2019

I’ve been going to Dr. Lee now for about three months for a left shoulder/neck soreness, tightness, throbbing to the point where this discomfort nearly cost me my life. Let me explain…I’m a avid sport motorcycle rider that rides quite often and quite hard. I ride the Dragon almost every weekend and all the motorcycle tracks here in the southeast. Anyone who rides motorcycles competitively or casually knows that your head needs to be on a “swivel” and your head is connected to your neck and shoulder…but when your head can’t “swivel” because of the tightness and soreness and stiffness…you cannot see other cars or obstacles! Because I couldn’t turn my neck I couldn’t see another vehicle behind me and to my left, because of this I almost became a statistic. It was at this moment I KNEW I needed to get help before it was too late. I went to Dr. Lee and met with him at his Karns and was met by his office staff who were very professional and very polite! The first thing I noticed is Dr. Lee LISTENED to me. He actually LISTENED to what I was explaining. He actually LISTENED to my concerns and he was actually paying attention. His “hands on” approach to identifying the cause and his knowledge on how to make my soreness/tightness and discomfort subside was literally in that first session!! I couldn’t tell him enough how absolutely amazed I was at how quickly and much better I felt in that first hour. I’d been living with this for the past 3 months and I was already making my next appointment. Dr. Lee has brought relief to me that I didn’t think was possible! Since then Dr. Lee has helped my son and my daughter in law…I didn’t and wouldn’t hesitate to refer Dr. Lee to my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Lee and amazing staff!